Monday, November 19, 2012


performed at "BRING IN THE CLOWNS": The Truth or Fiction? reading series at THE FUNHOUSE LOUNGE, 11/18/12

By Jason Squamata

Clowns, huh?


You know,when I found out “Bring in the Clowns” was the theme tonight, I had some mixed feelings.  I partly felt like backing out.  

Then my work ethic kicked in and I decided to man up.  Doug didn’t say that our pieces of truth or fiction had to touch on clowns at all.  

I could talk about anything I wanted.  I could avoid the subject of clowns altogether.  But that would be a sniveling, cowardly thing to do.

I owe it to myself to stand here in front of you and god and everybody and tell you how I feel about clowns.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"WHAT IS BEAUTY?"- a manifesto commissioned by RBG. Room 204: the CONTENT show at the ACE Hotel in Portland, 2012...


Is beauty an objective quality or a trick of the light?

Does it exist purely in the gaze and in the eye of she who gazes?

Is beauty…a place?

Is every object of beauty a gateway?
                An invitation?  A promise?

There’s an implicit aesthetic cosmos programmed into every piece of spectacle.

Like a radiant code.

Every glittering garment, every fresh collection, every tidal flow of fashion and philosophy is a world unto itself.
In every jewel, there’s an implicit way of seeing.

We catch glimpses of the House where Beauty lives in every image that moves us, every sound that soothes us, every room that immerses us in its ambience and every song that breaks our hearts.
Fashion is a form of sculpture that interfaces with its host.