Sunday, August 30, 2015

BABY'S FIRST HOOKER by Jason Squamata

It was the year 2000 or thenabouts.

I was younger, then.

I was living in a nondescript Massachusetts suburb.

I was a faux bohemian filling notebooks with gibberish and showing them to no one, calling myself a writer, working at a coffee shop (like you do), sharing the shadowy basement of a funny little ranch house on the edge of a cemetery with a good-hearted but dangerous quasi-criminal friend named Jim Grimm.

We'd worked on a film together, in that neighborhood and in the wilds of New Hampshire. The rest of the cast and crew had run off to LA, the film was in limbo, and me and Jim were languishing in the wake of it, under a house owned by his Aunt Betty, living without purpose and sleeping off our benders next to a garage filled with garish prop vehicles left over from the shoot. A volkswagen painted to look like a bumblebee with big wings that moved if you could get it started. A permanently inert yellow Chrysler K-car, like a souped-up plastic golfcart with dragon fins.

Jim himself drove a little baby blue and hot pink pick up truck with a portrait of a laughing cartoon transvestite named Monchichi stenciled on its hood. It ran pretty well and he had no shame about it. Jim had built these cars by hand with the film's director. He was proud to have worked on the film, even though it seemed, then. that no one would ever see it. He came from the kind of family where you work all summer at your Uncle's shady salvage yard, that Uncle it helps you to know if you ever go to prison. Jim thought the film would be a way to put that world behind him, but without the daily business of the shoot to give his life a certain structure, the crime in his blood and an unquenchable thirst for cheap beer would kick in and that good heart would get a little bit lost in his hunger for trouble.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

ARGENTEUM ASTRUM promotional material by Jason Squamata, courtesy of PULPIMPOSSIBLE.COM

The following sketches and teaser texts are promotional items from a Jason Squamata serialized pulp fantasy entitled ARGENTEUM ASTRUM.  The first episode is still available for purchase at Professor 100's magnificent PULP IMPOSSIBLE website.  Click HERE.

Seven whole notebooks in The Squamata Collection seem to be devoted to ARGENTEUM ASTRUM.  Some large chunks of text therein seem to describe happenings in Episodes as far along as #13.  Whether Squamata ever brought the project to a state of coherent completion, in notebooks or otherwise, is unknown, but unlikely.  When the excavations are complete, The Squamata Foundation will provide you with all material pertaining to this project, except insofar as posting is prohibited for legal reasons.

INCOGNITO: the unpop song lyrics of Jason Squamata, part one

In the interests of preserving the little mind-mumbles made by a strange being who moved much too swiftly and a little too silently through the din of human history, The Squamata Foundation will be using this blog as a museum for whatever fragments we can salvage from the voluminous unpublished and mostly illegible scribblings of Jason Squamata (a.k.a. Orji Walflauer, Krishna Kaligula, Jason Squidd, Joe Nothing, Jason Matthew Lucia, Jason Malcolm Lucifer. etc.).
In this installment, we find lyrics from a series of aborted pop albums, featuring various musical collaborators and secret chanteuses.  This is allegedly just a fraction of the material Squamata generated for these projects.  More lyrics will be posted as we unearth them, along with recordings of the songs in question if we can post them without danger of litigation.