Wednesday, December 30, 2015

JASON SQUAMATA (1972-2015)

This desolate archive will stand as a testament to the mercurial talents and sporadic transmissions of Jason Squamata (also known as Jason Malcolm Lucifer, Joe Nothing, Jason Squidd, Orji Walflauer, Krishna Kaligula, Julius Desmond, etc.).
Squamata disappeared shortly before New Year's Eve, 2015, through the doorway that connects never and everywhen.  He lives on as a trunkful of gibberish-glutted notebooks and a blog of dicey fragments.  Do not let your little ones tread the crooked path he chose.  It leads nowhere.  If it chooses them, let them go and begin again.  There's nothing else for it.
Inquiries into the constituent elements of the Jason Squamata archive should be sent to

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